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Current Favourites: Makeup

These are my go to makeup items for the last .. oh i don't know.. 5 months? It's pretty unusual for me to stick to the same products for this long, as I always like to rotate my makeup.. but so far I am enjoying all these, and would like to share them with you :o)

Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation in shade 6.5
I find that it accentuates some dry patches on my face, but if I moisturizer prior, it applies flawlessly.  I use a real techniques essential foundation brush with it.  And I find that little goes a long way. This foundation also has a light scent, which I actually like (it kind of smells baby-like with a tiny bit of spf)

The Face Shop eyebrow pencil in shade Brown
I like that this pencil is so inexpensive ($2-$4) and it works too lol.  It stays on the entire day and I find that this is a good colour match.  They have one thats a twist up for $4 bucks (which I also have but haven't used yet - will update you on that one soon)

Clean perfume - scent 'Skin'
Oh how I LOVE this perfume.. its now empty (which hasn't happened yet to any of the perfumes I own) and must buy another bottle.. like ASAP.  This just smells so good.. it smells clean, kinda baby like, and something that you would want to keep using all day every day.. Trust me.. have a sniff

Bite lipstick in shade Vouvray
I've just ventured into trying the Bite lipsticks - and I am not disappointed.  I love the idea that the company uses food grade ingredients to make this lipstick - which makes perfect sense to me.  The texture is nice on the lips - very hydrating and comfortable to wear the entire day.   I bought another lipstick from them (a more nude shade) and I am enjoying that also. 

Benefit Gimme Brow
I am just finally enjoying this product.  I have owned this previously (but in a lighter shade) and i thought it didn't do anything for my brows.  I decided to give this another try and buy the darker shade, and this is so much better.  I can see how it makes my brows fuller, and makes them look more natural. 

Mac Prep+Prime Face Protect (with SPF 50)
I love this product because it really controls the oil on my face, especially if I know I will be out the entire day (i can't be bothered with powdering coz I'm just way too lazy).  I apply this over my foundation, and it really controls the shine.  I know this has a high SPF (which is good) but not sure how it is with flash photography.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
As you can see from the photo below, I've hit pan on this baby!  I've probably owned this for a couple years and i can't believe it lasted me this long.... But I love this nonetheless.  The bronzer is matte and so i love using this to contour my cheeks, and it still looks natural.  I use the Nars ITA brush to apply this, or just the brush that comes with the product ( i find it works either way)

Tarte blush in Exposed
Since being pregnant, i try to use make up that uses more natural ingredients as possible, and Tarte is one of those brands.  I have this for a while now, but haven't really used this much before.  
This blush gives the most natural flush on your cheeks, and stays on the whole day :)

Mac Fix +
I love this as a finishing spray when Im done with my makeup.  It just removes the powdery-ness of my face, and gives me a bit of a natural finish to my look.  Will definitely repurchase again (I'm almost out of  this one too!)

which products have you been enjoying lately?  Any suggestions for make up brands that uses 'natural' ingredients?  would love to know :)


Review: Lancome Grandiose Mascara

I was lucky to be able to try the Lancome Grandiose mascara before it launched in Canada (thank you Influenster Canada).  There was so much hype around this product - especially the swan-neck wand that the company boasts.  

Lets first talk about the packaging - oh what a beauty!  I like the way its shaped, and it looked very classy and luxurious looking (it just has that look) that you can justify spending $35CA for a tube of it. 

At first, I didn't know how to use the wand coz there hasn't been any other mascara that has a bended neck.  When I got the hang of it, I finally understood why there was such commotion.  I absolutely love this mascara!  I love the bristles on the wand, as it coats each and every single lash, and it didn't matter how i held the wand - there were no smudges on my eyelids or underneath my eyes when I hit my bottom lashes with it.  It gives instant volume and it was an intense black colour which made my lashes more dramatic.  It also provides some length (I've tried some which gives me more length, but not as much volume like this one does) and I find that I only need one coat - it gets a little bit clumpy if I attempt a second coat.  Oh another plus, the mascara is easy to remove at the end of the day!  No struggling, no stinging eyes and no more losing lashes.

Overall, I would repurchase this mascara.  It doesn't smudge, it gives volume and length, and the wand is genius!  It just works any other way you angle it.  I haven't been using any other mascara's since receiving this one. 

If you've tried this, please share your experiences with it.  

keep an eye out for a live application on my youtube channel soon!

Review: Sephora Mattifying 8 Hour Moisturizer

Let's talk about this mattifying moisturizer from Sephora - which promises to do the following (as per  description on the Sephora website)

What it is:
An exceptional oil-free moisturizer that prevents the skin from shining for up to eight hours. 

What it is formulated to do:
Be fabulously shine-free for up to eight hours with this long-lasting moisturizer. HydroSenn+™, an intensely moisturizing ingredient more effective than hyaluronic acid, forms a protective barrier on the skin’s surface to harness and retain water for optional hydration. This formula also contains UVA/UVB filters and antioxidants to help combat the signs of aging. 

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens 

What else you need to know:
This product is non-comedogenic and has been dermatologically tested. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. 

Research results:
- A scientific test on 22 volunteers reported a 30% reduction in visible shine after 8 hours of wear 
- According to a test on 23 volunteers, 78% of users reported less visible pores and satisfaction immediately after application 
- According to a scientific test on 11 volunteers, 91% of users reported long-lasting moisture, with significant measures 8 hours after application

I decided to purchase this because of the 8 hour mattifying claim, first of all.  Then secondly was that it has Hyaluronic acid (which promotes skin hydration).  Thirdly, it has UVA/UVB filters and antioxidants that prevents premature aging (who doesn't want that?).  Lastly was that it didn't contain any parabens and its non-comodegenic.

The bottle contains 1.69 oz of product and has a pump which is very convenient.  This sells for $27CA.  Now about the packaging.... *sigh* I opened the box and somehow got disappointed with the way the label was kinda 'slapped on' the tube.  It didn't look too proffesional in my eyes.. 

Ok, so on with the actual product.  I love how it felt when I applied it on my skin. It felt very light, and non sticky.  it has a slight fragrance which I actually like.  My foundation applied evenly underneath this product. And then I went on with my day...

5 hours later, I checked my face in the mirror - and there it is..Oil slick(especially on my forehead and around my nose)

I was disappointed that my face was shiny like even before I had used this moisturizer. 
I don't have a too oily face, and I normally don't powder.. but I guess for this to work, I might need to blot or powder once throughout the day. 

Not too sure if I will repurchase - I might need to try this out some more, and see how I go about with it.
They could also lower the cost since its Sephora brand, and does not really does what its advertised to do (8 hour mattifying part)

have you  tried this? any thoughts?


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